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Green Hills Samui Green Hills Samui

Rental Income

GHS properties are being sold as an investment to individuals and organizations. To ensure the best returns for investors the properties must achieve the highest possible occupancy, while being able to maintain uncompromising standards. This is accomplished by utilising world class design, comprehensive and quality amenities and management and marketing strategies to maximize occupancy and rental returns.

GHS has appointed a management team consisting of individuals with excellent reputations and proven track records for managing five star luxury hotels and resort developments worldwide.

The land is purchased with no encumbrance and under the Thai Law of Chanote Deed, the safest and most favourable form of land purchase in Thailand.

The rental program started in February 2012 at which time for marketing purposes villas in Phase 1 of the development were initially rented to prospective investors at considerably lower prices than the market allowed.

Renting a villa at Green Hills Samui is the ultimate holiday experience and exists to give GHS owners an outstanding return on their investment.

GHS has a team of specially trained staff who will prepare a VIP welcome for your rental guests upon their arrival and will be on hand to assist them in every element of their stay.

Daily maid service, house servants, child minder, a driver and your own private chef, are just a few of the services provided as standard. Additionally our concierge team will be only too happy to arrange any further services as required by you or your guests.


Rental returns of a 70/30 split between the Purchaser and Rockwater, mean that any days, weeks or months not used or required by the property owner, can be rented out via our marketing network of branded and international known Online Travel Agents. Luxury accommodation in Koh Samui has an average of 68% occupancy throughout the year and with the increase in demand current being 33% compared to the significantly lower increase in supply (3%) …therefore the forecast for an increase in rental income is excellent in this category.

To ensure the whole development remains in pristine condition, thus attracting continual rental guests, ALL the properties, roads, access, surrounding gardens and land are managed & maintained by Rockwater Co, Ltd for which the property owners pays an annual fee for.