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Green Hills Samui Green Hills Samui

Your Investment

Fractional Ownership is fast becoming an increasingly popular market. Simply because so many people who would like to own genuine holiday homes, but do not want the hassle or the expense of owning real estate/property that they can only use for a few weeks of the year, while still having the cost of maintaining it all year round.

However, they do want the value, equity and importantly the other benefits, such as the rewards of a lucrative rental potential, that are associated with any property ownership.

This is where Fractional Ownership comes into the scenario, in the form of fractional owned, titled and deeded properties. Similiar to timeshare you are entitled to stay in an apartment, townhouse or villa for an agreed period each year, but unlike timeshare, with Fractional Ownership you actually own a freehold share in the property.

Green Hills Samui by Rockwater, offer those considering Fractional Ownership the opportunity to own shares in a luxury, high-quality villa or townhouse for only 10 percent or 15 percent of what they would normally have to pay if they were to buy such a property using their own finances. With the running costs being equally shared with the other owners, Fractional Ownership makes for a very affordable investment that can be securely rented to friends, family and clients through our rental program.

This means that instead of your property remaining empty for weeks and weeks each year, these properties are nearly always being used, bringing a substantial income to those owners who have the foresight to get involved.


Plus of course because the property is a freehold entity, it appreciates in value and equity. So should a fractional owner wish to sell their ownership at anytime, substantial profits can be realised.